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21/01/37 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer quart at. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I used the Lucas Oil Supplement [Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer] 1 Liter3 liters of 5W30 for this 600,000 km oil change. The engine is quiet right away! Pickup is much better! And I'll be happier in 4 months if the oil is cleaner when I do the next oil change. I will use this Lucas product every 2nd oil change, because it sticks inside the engine. 04/08/39 · Just ignore the lifter tick! It's completely normal. When you add Lucas to your oil you are increasing viscosity, especially when it's cold. It could likely prevent sufficient lubrication to parts of the engine as well as added strain to your oil pump. That being said, I've owned two trucks with the. 29/09/37 · Oil additives for noisy valve lifter. The Show. chrisr. July 4, 2016,. It took 2 oil changes for it to work. I use Lucas oil treatment in my truck. I was unable to get some once and my lifers started to tick. I put it in the next oil change and it stopped ticking. If it is just a little gunk this can work and as steveF said it cant hurt. 24/01/40 · The tick is excessive clearance between the lifter and the push rod and the rocker arm. Thicker oil is not going to make the zero lash adjuster grow taller and take this excessive clearance up. Chances are some of the ticking is injector related. There is the concern of what effect oil additives can have on the approved oil.

20/01/33 · If your looking to get rid of lifter tick then this is the stuff you want works awesome. Be sure to use 4 quarts of oil and a quart of lucas! 270 0 0 0. 03/03/34 · I run 6 quarts Pennzoil 5W-20 and a quart Lucas Oil Synthetic Oil Stabilizer I switched from the short oil filter to a Wix 51515 for the extra oil I replace the filter at 3,000 miles and the oil at 9,000. I just put 3/4 a quart of oil in the new filter with 1/4 a quart of Lucas. So far the truck is up to 96,600 and no more tick! 15/12/33 · So let me get this straight. Lucas oil additive at 10-20% has: - Gained a full MPG - Cleaned the tops of your pistons I have absolutely no idea how Lucas oil stabilizer would do this - Increased oil pressure due to thickness, gear oil would do the same thing I'm just at a loss here.

01/01/40 · However, when oil becomes dirty or oil levels become too low, the lifter loses some of its internal pressure and often begins to tick. Different types of oil additive for lifter noise can be used to help reduce the amount of noise and keep your engine running optimally. 14/03/35 · There was a post on another forum asking about the tick and one person said he used either Lucas or STP and it stopped his tick all together and the engine was overall quieter. They state that the Lucas makes the oil a little more “tacky” so it sticks to everything and keeps a good coat of oil on there during cold starts. 07/02/34 · It is not until you get very, very in depth to motor oil application that you begin to question what, if any, "benefit" it has. In an older, worn, beat-up engine, it thickens the oil, and therefore makes it run better. If added to older oil, perhaps sheared? - It thickens it back up. Whether or not thicker oil is better, is the issue. 28/01/39 · I have a 2.0 Golf mk3 and it has a bit of a lifter tick. I have some STP oil treatment blue bottle and i wanna put that in the engine. I know its super thick and thats why i'm scared to put it in right because its around 20-30 degrees out. I have heard some good things about the Lucas oil treatment but i dont know what to use. If anyone could shed some light, it is greatly appreciated. So I got a bit of a lifter tick. Close. 1. Posted by 1 day ago. So I got a bit of a lifter tick. So after doing some research on here and other forums I seafoamed my Jeep and then changed the oil and swapped one qt of oil with Lucas oil stabilizer. Come out after work yesterday and fire her up and it was a really rough start and for a while.

07/02/35 · Now these are third Gen Comments but assuming the Heads design is very similar on the newer 09 Plus Motors. Experiences with my MDS 5W20 Hemi with Crazy Spartan and 6.1 Rods Synthetic Mobil One with Lucas Oil Stabilizer = Tickety-Tick Synthetic Royal Purple with Lucas Synthetic Stabilizer = Tick. Lifters in vehicles can begin to tick or click over an extended period of time. One of the largest factors in a ticking lifter is sludge and debris built up inside of the valve cover on top of your engine. Removing the ticking noise should take no longer than one day to complete. The materials needed for this project. 26/03/33 · Lucas Oil Stabilizer has its uses in the used car market. If someone is trying to unload a knocking, smoking, pig, of a car LOS might just be the ticket. A dealership I worked for added it to bad trades to unload them onto a wholesaler we did business with. ^Hearing a lifter tick or not, 'less' engine noise relative to use of LOS/thicker.

19/11/30 · I can honestly say i have used lucas oil stabilizer in ALL 7 of my dsm's, The only prob I ever ran into over the past 8 years would be on a N/A 1g in the winter untill the car warmed it up the lifters would tick on and off sometimes, The turbo cars love it i have noticed up to 175 degress off the egt VS no lucas, They run smoother in the grunt and on top, my oil is cleaner and it also has the. 08/03/41 · The Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is an oil additive that will last you for at least 2 years. It will prolong the lifespan of your existing oil, so you won’t need to get oil changes as frequently. The main benefit of the Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is that it reduces the oil consumption rate. This will allow your engine performance to. 28/06/40 · so my uncle being nice washed my truck and changed my oil with a good synthetic oil.But for some reason added a Lucas oil stabilizer in.Should I be worried about running this in my motor for at least 3k miles? Or should I just drain that blend out and add a plain or synthetic? 12/12/33 · Indeed, Lucas Oil Stabilizer has helped me get more engine life over the long term. Basically, oil stabilizer has prevented ancient engines from dying on schedule, and saved me time and money on having to purchase either another engine, or an entire car at times when I could afford neither.

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